Awesome Devs

Awesome developer profiles for awesome people!

🎙️ The Interview

What is Awesome Devs?

It's a personal profile builder, with a purpose!
Purpose? What do you mean?

Yes, purpose. Just a profile is not enough. An awesome profile is still not enough. A profile that shows how awesome YOU ARE is the target. And AD's purpose is to achieve that!
Ok..So who can use this?

Well... it's targeted towards software developers. But I guess, anyone could use it, if they feel awesome (but everybody should feel awesome anw!)
Do I need to pay for this?

It's completely free to get started. It's even free to continue. As long as you are ok with our auto-assigned subdomain to access your profile. If you would like a custom url, you need to upgrade. But again, it's not that expensive!
Sounds fair. But how hard is this?

Go signup and find out! But seriously, it's amazingly easy. The whole app is created towards making the creation of an amazing profile, an easy-peasy process.
Don't try to fool our readers. Define easy-peasy...

Ok cool. To have a beautiful landing page with your name and photo, will take roughly 2 minutes. If you put another 5 minutes and add a cool moment from your past and a project you have worked upon, you are going towards a very snazzy profile. Put another 15 minutes to write a foreword and answer a few interview questions yourself, and you can trully show how awesome you are! Better?
Yeap, totally clear! Where do i signup?

So you like it? Hit the signup button and just use a gmail account to login. Off you go!
Thank you for your time! It was an amazing chat. I guess this concludes our interview...

Amazing. It was great talking to you as well! And don't forget to signup!